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Have you seen our extensive range of detachable suspender straps?

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Did you know Pip & Pantalaimon started with the humble suspender strap?

At the time; 5 years ago this month, in fact, there were only very thin straps available on the market and they were made with plastic components that were definitely not up to the job.

So I set out, using some contacts from my time working in luxury lingerie, to source great quality metal components and sumptuously plush backed satin elastic to make the straps. I made the first straps one by one in a small but perfectly formed office in the garden.

The superior quality was well received and they sold well. From there I designed various shapes and styles and brought out more colours too.

You now have the choice of straight adjustable straps, adjustable Y straps, Fixed V straps and fixed I straps as standard. They all have a super strong metal hook on the top to attach to your existing lingerie pieces and top quality steel suspender clips.

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New detachable suspender clips are here!

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Small but perfectly formed, these suspender clips are made by our favourite component supplier in Europe out of a single piece of pressed steel. No plastic in sight here.

The hooks on the top mean you can attach these clips directly to your favourite girdle, long line corselette/corset or suspender belt. The great quality steel means you can apply all the pressure you like, these aren't ever going to break or let your stockings down!

Currently only available in black, but they're been so popular we'll certainly be adding white and biscotti to the mix soon! Make sure you're on the mailing list to always be the first to know.

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