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The perfect reproduction lingerie to team with true vintage lingerie

Those looking for true vintage lingerie often stumble upon a few issues in their search for the perfect pieces; Vintage lingerie comes up small, often very small. Women were generally smaller in the 1940’s and 1950s’. This means that if you do come across the perfect piece, you’ve then go to hope it’s the correct size for you. The average UK dress size is now somewhere around a UK14~16, you’d be extremely lucky to find the perfect piece in your size. Another issue is deterioration. Elastane doesn’t last forever; garments lose their stretch over many many decades. The elastic can go brittle and stretch but never return to its original size.

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Oh hey there Pips!

Welcome to the Pip & Pantalaimon blog!
Long overdue, let’s get started!
In this, our first blog post, I think it’s best to introduce Pip & Pantalaimon and myself; Pippa. I’m the driving force behind the brand. Absolutely every order to date has been hand crafted by me in the Pip & Pantalaimon workroom in our beautiful Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire countryside. I love my job, running this brand.

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