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There’s no Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale at pip & Pantalaimon and here’s why;

There’s no ignoring that today is Black Friday and a lot of customers will have been keeping an eye on their favourite brand to see if they will be running a sale worthy of indulging in a little retail therapy for. For most brands in retail, to not take part in Black Friday would be considered retail suicide. But for Pip & Pantalaimon, we think it would be commercially unsustainable to take part. 

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Oh hey there Pips!

Welcome to the Pip & Pantalaimon blog!
Long overdue, let’s get started!
In this, our first blog post, I think it’s best to introduce Pip & Pantalaimon and myself; Pippa. I’m the driving force behind the brand. Absolutely every order to date has been hand crafted by me in the Pip & Pantalaimon workroom in our beautiful Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire countryside. I love my job, running this brand.

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