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There’s no Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale at pip & Pantalaimon and here’s why;

Pip & Pantalaimon

There’s no ignoring that today is Black Friday and a lot of customers will have been keeping an eye on their favourite brand to see if they will be running a sale worthy of indulging in a little retail therapy for. For most brands in retail, to not take part in Black Friday would be considered retail suicide. But for Pip & Pantalaimon, we think it would be commercially unsustainable to take part. 

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We've relocated!

Pip & Pantalaimon

Pip & Pantalaimon have relocated to a fabulous market town with a very rich history in corset making, but can you guess where?


Need another clue?

Our new town is also rather famous for shoe making too!


Market Harborough is the home of the famous Symington Corset factory and now,

Pip & Pantalaimon Lingerie too!


More on this soon...x

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