Behind the scenes, why we use true vintage machinery to make your lingerie

Why use an outdated sewing machine on our lingerie, surely, it’s not as good as a modern sewing machine? At Pip & Pantalaimon we made the decision to use original vintage, Swiss made machines that would have been the market leader throughout the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s and here’s why:



They’re made to last – nearly every component from the belt wheel to the needle is made from a steel alloy, meaning they have a much slower wear rate than their newer plastic replacement models which means a much more consistent stitch on every garment.



Pip & Pantalaimon made in england lingerie




They’re kinder to the environment – environmental awareness is everyone’s responsibility and we pride ourselves on being an ethical lingerie brand. Keeping industrial machines running through correct maintenance and some ingenuity for over half a century has got to be better on the environment than changing a machine for the latest and greatest every 12 months. There are now much more power economic servo-motors that can be retrofitted to ensure power consumption is kept to a minimum too, without effecting the integrity of the machine.



They’re heavy Duty – As mentioned the majority of a vintage machine is made from metal meaning they are much sturdier than newer machines, the modern machine is largely computer-controlled meaning that whilst they may have a bigger range of stitch patterns, their lighter components can be much more susceptible to bending forces created by rapid needle movement and can affect their ability to stitch in dead a straight line.


true vintage industrial sewing machine for lingeire



They’re True Vintage – if you’re here, its because you love all things vintage and retro and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to lift the lid on a vintage sewing machine you’ll know that’s why we use them. If you want vintage inspired lingerie what could be better inspiration than sitting at a machine that has seen true vintage garments pass underneath its sewing foot over 60 years before.

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