We want to help you, hopefully, order the right size first time. Here are some hints and tips of taking your measurements and deciding which size to order. 

While it’s always temping to optimistically buy clothing a size or two smaller than you usually wear, it is essential, especially if you’ve never worn shapewear lingerie before, to dig out the tape measure and order according to your measurements.

We work off two main measurements; your natural waist (1.) and your full hip (2.). It’s important to consider both measurements when ordering longer garments like the high waisted knicker, girdlette and girdles. But the waist measurement alone is more important for considering which size suspender belt to order, as the suspender belt sits snuggly on the natural waist but finished above the full hip.

1. To take your natural waist measurement, stand in front of a mirror and find the narrowest part of your torso, for most people this is just above the belly button. Wrap the tape measure around the narrowest part and measure in inches. Look in the mirror to ensure that the tape measure is sitting flat all the way around the waist, in a straight line, and that it isn’t digging in at all.

2. The full hip measurement should be taken in the same way; this is a measurement of the widest part around your bum/hips. On most people this will be around the bum/top of thighs. Again, it’s important the check in the mirror that the tape measure sits flat around the body and that it isn’t digging in.



Once you have your measurements you can see how they compare to our size guide. Our suspender belts are designed to fit on the natural waist, the narrowest part around the waist, so for all suspender or garter belts the waist measurement is more important than the hip measurement.

If you’re unsure of which size to order, send us an email at including your measurements and which styles you’re particularly interested in and we’ll be happy to help. As a general rule, when you are between sizes we always recommend sizing up.

UK8 (US4) Suitable for waist size 25" Hips 35"

UK10 (US6) Suitable for waist size 27" Hips 37"

UK12 (US8) Suitable for waist size 29" Hips 39"

UK14 (US10) Suitable for waist size 31" Hips 41"

UK16 (US12) Suitable for waist size 33" Hips 43"

UK18 (US14) Suitable for waist size 35" Hips 45"

UK20 (US16) Suitable for waist size 37" Hips 47"

UK22 (US18) Suitable for waist size 39" Hips 49" 

For non-binary and transgender people, you can find a helpful guide *here*


If you're in the US or Canada, your bra size will be the same as in the UK and you can order your normal size.

If you're in the EU, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world you will need to convert your regular size to your UK size using the chart above.

For Example;

A 34B in the UK/US/CA will be a 75B in the EU, 90B in FR/ES and a 12B in AU/NZ.

A 36E in the UK/US/CA will be a 80F in the EU, 95F in FR/ED and a 14E in AU/NZ

The chart below will help you choose the best size stockings. Use your height and dress size to identify the perfect size seamed stockings for you.


LEOPARD print lingerie, y strap garter belt  strap suspender belt, panties knickers, front fastening soft bra. available in plus size made in the uk by Pip & Pantalaimon