How sustainable is Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie?

pip & pantalaimon sustainable ethical lingerie. retro and vintage inspired underwear shapewear and reproduction underpinnings. made in the uk lingerie. Blue jean underwired bra


Sustainability has become a real buzz word in fashion and it has recently come to light, over recent years, that some brands are not as sustainable as they claim.

We try to be as sustainable as possible, but what exactly does that mean? We thought we’d give you the facts and let you decide if you want to support our efforts to operate more sustainably within the lingerie industry.

  • Everything piece of Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie is made in the UK, so no shipping fabrics over to the far east to have finished garments shipped back
  • No Pip & Pantalaimon garment ever sees a clear plastic bag or pointless hanger
  • Surplus dead stock elastics and trims are used, being saved from landfill
  • We shop our fabrics from the overruns of Wacoal , Bravissimo and M&S, straight from the suppliers sample room. These materials are saved from landfill and go straight from their shelves into our studio, no plastic wrapping or extra packaging required
  • We mostly make to order and don’t produce any excess stock (which means no sales, sorry!)
  • Our machinery all use high efficiency motors which use less electricity
  • We wrap in biodegradable tissue paper
  • Empty fabric rolls and material off cuts are donated to local schools
  • We commute on foot and walk to the post office!
  • Biodegradable waste is composted at Philippa’s allotment
  • High quality and timeless designs mean you can wear your Pip & Pantalaimon pieces for much longer than fast fashion lingerie.
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