Meet Fanciforia Foxglove

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How long have you been involved in the Pin up/Burlesque scene and what got you into it?
Goodness! I’m at risk of giving away my age here but a little over 10 years now. I started experimenting with vintage style in my late teens and began performing burlesque in 2011. I fell into burlesque through studying theatre at university, I was doing a play about vaudeville performers and went along to burlesque classes as part of my ‘character research’ like the diligent actress I was. I had a full on rhinestone and glitter induced epiphany and suddenly I was no longer a theatre actress but a fully fledged showgirl. I chucked in Shakespeare for corsets and committed to being a burlesque performer so my profile grew organically from there. 
You wear lots of beautiful true vintage lingerie, where do you shop for it and what’s been your best find yet?
Bargain hunting for beautiful vintage items is in my blood. My mother, grandmother and aunt are all thrifty queens so I learnt how to hunt for diamonds in the rough at charity stores and garage sales as a wee tot. I’m now based in Edinburgh and love the monthly vintage market in Leith and travelling fairs like Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair and the Antique Fair. The best find I’ve had in recent years is a stunning 1950s sequin ball gown that looks like something Princess Margaret would have worn to a glitzy royal event. It was apparently owned by a woman who had a lot of Dior. I’m planning a very special photo shoot in it very soon. 
Plush Biscotti Soft Bra and Longline Six Strap Girdle by Pip & Pantalaimon
You’re originally from New Zealand, what made you move to Edinburgh?
Being a thespian I came to Edinburgh back in 2006 to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was my first trip outside of little ol’ New Zealand and I was completely charmed by the rich history of city and the bustle of the city during the Fringe. I always vowed one day I’d come back and live here so 12 years on I just bit the bullet and moved. I also have Scottish heritage in my family so I wanted to explore my ancestral roots. I love Scotland and see a lot of cultural similarities between Kiwis and Scots. 
As well as a pin-up model, you’re also an award winning Burlesque performer, where can we catch a show?
I’m a busy hustling lady indeed! You can catch me as a headliner at the London Burlesque Festival in both May and June and also Palais de Cabaret at Brewhemia in Edinburgh in June. I also regularly perform in Glasgow so stay tuned via my Instagram page @fanciforiafoxglove for show details. 
Plush Biscotti Soft Bra and Longline Six Strap Girdle by Pip & Pantalaimon
What else have you got planned for the coming months?
As the warmer months draw near I’m hoping to do more summer themed pinup and vintage photo shoots with the lovely Debbie of Emerald Photography and am considering hosting a few of my signature pin curling workshops around the UK.  At the very least I will film some vintage hair tutorials for Instagram. I’m also going to model a few evening items for Carnivale Vintage that I’m very excited about. I’d also like to head to some vintage festivals in the UK and meet more people in the vintage/pinup scene as I still feel rather new to town. If you see me out and about do come say hello! I’m very chatty. 
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Photographer; Debbie Murray
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