Meet P&P model Dolly

You’re a professional hair and make up artist, what made you turn to Pin Up modelling?


I was actually an actor originally (I do still perform regularly) so modelling came with the territory. When I trained as a makeup artist, I was mostly in the wedding industry and would get in front of the camera for promotional and bridal magazine shoots. As my personal “Pinup” style evolved more photographers wanted to work with me. Instagram gave me a great visual platform and, with lots of practice, networking and a little bit of luck I get to work with amazing brands like Pip & Pantalaimon.

Plush Biscotti Vintage style bra, Y-Strap suspender belt and classic knicker by Pip & Pantalaimon


You have a unique strong but feminine look, we especially love your purple hair! Who are you most inspired by? 


Thank you! I’ve had my hair purple for pretty much three years, I had it every other colour before but purple stuck and now I can’t imagine it any other way. I do have a secret turquoise undercut though. I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum and don’t aspire to be like anyone in particular. Obviously I love the old Hollywood icons, Marilyn, Audrey, Judy Garland plus cheeky Betty Paige. In modern times Dolly Parton and Dita Von Tease are amazing but mostly because they’re true to themselves and express their art in their own way. I try to be kind and decent on the inside, what’s on the outside is just for fun. 



Plush Biscotti Vintage style bra, Y-Strap suspender belt and classic knicker by Pip & Pantalaimon




For anyone just starting to experiment with pin up style and modelling, have you got any tips?


That’s exactly it- experiment!! Have fun with your look and find what suits you, your personality and your body shape. Head to a vintage or reproduction clothing shop and take everything to the changing room, take pictures and if you feel good in something wear the hell out of it. There are plenty of us girls selling things we don’t wear anymore online if you want to keep cost down. Start with a plain colour skirt and different tops to change up your outfits without spending too much. Buy a black or white petticoat (it’s worth investing in a soft one, your butt with thank you for it) and good underwear/ shapewear is a must- get the foundations right and your clothing will look and feel a million times better. 


For anyone interested in modelling it’s all about building a good portfolio and hard work. It’s takes a lot of practice- know your best angles, poses and what sets you apart from everyone else. Embrace your individuality and use it. You’ll do a lot of free shoots with photographers at first and it’s worth paying a great photographer to get some good portfolio content early on. I work a lot with Rosie’s retro and vintage studio mentoring models, doing their hair and makeup, giving style tips and advising how to pose. It’s worth learning how to do your own hair and makeup even just basic photography makeup, then the rest is networking, being friendly and staying safe (remember you can say no if you’re not comfortable with anything). 




You’re off the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender this year, you must be so excited?! 


Oh, I sure am but I’m a little nervous too! It’s my first time at Viva but luckily I know a lot of people who will be out there and I have a been to Vegas so I know my way around already. I’ve been so blessed with collaborations so I’m not going to run out of things to wear!! The outfit planning started last May! 


What are your plans while you’re there?


I’ve been invited to work at the amazing Automic Style lounge as a hair stylist so I’ll be working Thursday- Saturday, Sunday I’ll be heading to the pool party. The owner of the salon is giving me a high roller ticket!! I feel so lucky so I plan on making the most of every minute. Lots of my friends will be out there so the evenings will be time to dress up and party!!


Black seamed stockings available in plus size by Pip & Pantalaimon



What else is in store for you for the year?


Lots of festivals and photoshoots! My calendar is looking hot and I’m excited to see what the future holds. For the first time I’ll be taking Dollys Beauty Parlour to Santa Pod Nostalgia Nationals and Dragstalgia, plus the usual festival events and I’m looking forward to my third year at the iconic Goodwood Revival! Modelling, I’ve got some great shoots coming up, working with some amazing brands and even part of a calendar for 2020. 


What’s your favourite piece of Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie?


Oh, that’s not fair!! It’s so hard to choose, I love everything you guys make it’s all so iconic, detailed and comfortable. I really love the new biscotti range, I still can’t get over the cleavage the bra give me with no underwire! Your lingerie makes me feel feminine, powerful and beautiful. 




Dolly wears Pip & Pantalaimon Plush Biscotti Lace soft bra, Y-Strap suspender belt and classic knickers. As well as Luxe Lurex soft bra, 6 strap suspender belt and high waisted knickers



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