Non-binary lingerie size guide

We are so pleased to have such a diverse range of customers at Pip & Pantalaimon. We like to think we’re welcoming and helpful to everyone who reaches out to us for advice and we’re proud to be the lingerie brand of choice for so many of you.

In fact, we now get so many enquiries from non-binary people buying lingerie for themselves that it’s about time I put together some helpful information to help you out.


Sizing and style help

The most common questions we’re asked relate to size and style.

Our regular styles are designed to fit a person with a 10 inch difference between their waist and hip measurements. We can also help when that difference is much smaller, or perhaps the two measurements are near enough equal. Experience has also taught us there are some styles we'd recommend over others. Practically all the suspender (or garter) belts that we sell would be suitable, as long as you follow the sizing suggestions below. Longline girdles are also great as they have a fastening at the back but a shorter roll on girdle without the fastening aren't recommended as you can't size down in these in the same way because the girdle would become too snug to wiggle into. Maybe the very best style of all for non-binary people buying lingerie for yourselves would be the girdlette, its got such a snug and cinching waistband it always does the job of holding your stockings up and your tummy in.

lingerie garter suspender girdle girdlette for men guys who wear stockings pip and pantalaimon plus size made in the uk

You’ve probably noticed that all of the suspender belts and girdles on the P&P website are worn around the natural waist, much higher that the flimsy 4 strap suspender belts you can buy on the high street that tend to sit on the hips and serve no clear purpose. Our suspender belts sit there because that’s where they need to be to work and to keep your stockings in place all day. For this reason, your natural waist measurement is the most important. Experience has also taught us that if there is little to no different between your waist and hip measurements, we advise working out the correct size for your waist, in accordance with our size chart, and then going down a size.

For example, if your waist is 37” and you hips are 39”, you’re likely to get the best fit from our UK18. This snugger than normal fit helps eliminate the risk of the belt slipping down and not doing its job.

Our hipster knickers are a classic cut and your full hip measurement is the only important one here, as the knickers sit around the widest part of the bum.

Confusing eh? If you’re in any doubt you’re always very welcome to email us to talk it through at

Read through our size chart here;



Even with plenty of research and sizing help, it’s still possible the first piece you order might not be quite right, especially if you are new to the style of garment or new to Pip & Pantalaimon in general.

As with all our standard styles in standard sizes, you are welcome to return any item that doesn’t fit for an exchange of refund.


Custom orders

Custom orders make us so happy! It’s a genuine delight to work on something new and unique alongside our regular styles. Variety is the spice of life after all!

If you’ve got an idea for a custom order, please do email us! you’ll probably get straight through to me, Philippa, and I’ll also be the one making your custom designs.

To give you an idea, the price for customer orders is always based on the closest like-for-like product currently on the website. We can offer this at the same price because we make so much to order anyway it’s no trouble at all, and we really do love custom orders!

We’ve worked on some beautiful custom orders over the years and love trying out new colour ways, some of our past favourites have even made their way into our regular stock.

If we can help we always will, but there are sometimes instances when it’s not possible. We won’t copy anyone else’s work so please don’t ask! Please also note we can’t accept returns or exchanges on custom items, so it’s best if you order a regular style first to ensure you know your size before placing a custom order. It’s also worth noting here that we can’t accept returns on stockings after they’re been removed from their packaging.

custom lingerie and underwear for men and guys y strap suspender garter belt made in the uk availbale in plus size pip and pantalaimon

Discreet packaging

We ship our orders in plain white packing boxes with a simplified version of our logo on it so that if you’ve seen the logo before on the website you should know what it is when it arrives, but it wouldn’t be clear to the postie or your office colleagues what’s inside or who it’s from. No big branded stickers in sight!

If you don’t want to take the risk with our discreet packaging, you can always add a note at the checkout to send in completely plain packaging.


For any other questions please feel free to email

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