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I don't think it's possible you'll have made it this far onto the website without seeing a photo of Lily Monroe. This Montreal based pin up model and burlesque performer currently resides pride of place on our website banner!
black lace girdlette and soft bra by Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie
Ahead of a busy year for Lily Monroe, we've had a chat about all things pin up, Montreal and the future;
You’re based in Montreal, Canada. What’s the burlesque scene like there?

The Montreal burlesque scene is definitely one of the best in the world, and I don’t say
that only because I’m part of it! We consider ourselves as a community, and I think this
is what makes us that special. Even if there’re a lot of different productions in town,
there’s not really competition between us, everyone has their style and their color.
Example, we’re producing a monthly show called “Tiki Tease Burlesque”, at the
“Snowbird Tiki Bar”, and the 50’s tiki culture and pinups influence us, which is the only
production in town doing that! There’s burlesque performers from around the world,
but also gogo dancers every shows! There’re other producers that are more into 20’s
inspiration, classic burlesque or even neo-burlesque. We also have the chance to have a
burlesque cabaret called “The Wiggle Room” where producers can produce their own
shows, and we consider this place as our burlesque home. So even if we’re doing
different burlesque styles, we support each other and this is why I love our scene that
black lace 6 strap girdle and soft bra, available in plus size
You have a refreshingly different pin-up look, who are you influenced by?
I think I’m influenced by a lot of people! Of course there’s the Pinup Queen herself,
Bettie Page, who inspire me mostly for the modelling part (and the haircut haha),
especially for her fetish work with the photographer Ivring Klaw. There’s also all of the
glamorous figures from the 40s-50s and the Golden Age Of Burlesque, as Lili St-Cyr,
Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Tempest Storm, Vera-Ellen, etc. Finally,
Dita Von Teese is of course one of my biggest inspiration, not just for her burlesque
career but also because she’s a real boss lady and I admire that!
For someone just starting to experiment with stockings and suspender belts (or
garter belts!) they can seem a bit fiddly, have you got any top tips for getting to grips
with them?
Yes I do have a trick! When I wear stockings in my everyday life, I usually put a dime
between the stocking and the garter belt, so like that, it grips all day! #pinupproblem
black corselette by Pip & Pantalaimon, 6 metal suspender clips
What’s your favourite piece of Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie?
Definitely the Black Lace Girdlette (the one I took pictures with!). This piece is so comfy,
and it matches with everything! It’s perfect to wear under your favorited dress to have
the perfect hourglass look, and the suspender clips grips very well! I also really love the
three pieces kits like the leopard one or the gold sequin!
You’re heading to Viva Las Vegas this Spring. For those who have never been, can
you tell us a bit about it, and what you’re most looking forward to?
We’ve been to Viva Las Vegas for the first time last year, and this is definitely now one
of our favourite events in the world! Viva lasts 4 days, but during those days, you ALWAYS
have something do to depending your interests. As I am pinup model and burlesque
performer, I can’t be more happier with the schedule, as there’re both pinup contests
and fashion shows AND burlesque shows almost every night! This year we’ll have the
chance to see the first ever show from The Stray Cats officially return, and I’m looking
forward for it! There’re also two Montreal burlesque performers, The Foxy Lexxi and
Sugar Vixen, who are competing this year during the Burlesque Competition, and I’m so
happy to be there to encourage my burlesque sisters!
leopard print lingerie, soft bra, y strap garter belt and classic knicker
What else is in store for you for the year?
I really want to travel and apply to international burlesque festivals (New-Orleans
Burlesque Festival is probably my top choice for the moment) and to have the
opportunity to meet other performers! I’ll also continue to work on my pinup modelling
and also on our burlesque productions, as we have a looooot of ideas that we’d like to
realize soon, especially for our Tiki Tease Burlesque shows!
Find Lily on Facebook here;
All photographers of Lily Monroe in Pip & Pantalaimon Lingerie photographed by Frank Lam
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