Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie as featured in Peaky Blinders!

We were so excited to get the call, except it didn’t come as a call, it came as an email. An order confirmation email. Peaky Blinders had ordered form us! Little old us! Big fat, Bafta winner Peaky Blinders with 2million viewers, wanted us!
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
For anyone not in the UK, peaky blinders is a period drama set in the 1920s about a gang based in Birmingham, England. Its one of those awesome costume dramas that you just have to watch every minute of, the attention to detail in the costume and set is amazing, I must see every bit of it! Originally broadcast on the BBC, its now available in the US on Netflix.
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
I find myself looking as buttons and stitching techniques throughout, following the plot is an after thought for me with these kinds of period dramas. Stephanie Collie and her assistant Robert Macfarlane do a fantastic job on the costumes, even if I do say so myself! Their attention to detail is impeccable throughout.
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
I studied in Birmingham, at the Bournville arts college for a year before going on to study fashion and contour at De Montfort University. Birmingham has a special place in my heart, I met my best friend there and my life changed forever. My friend used to work at the very police station THE real life Peaky Blinders were taken to when arrested. This felt all the more special. Except I was overseas when it aired and so upon my return I settled on the sofa and began binge watching the whole 4th series of Peaky Blinders.
It’s a little-known fact about me, and probably not one it’s wise to admit, but when I was younger I wasn’t a very organised sole. When it came to the day before deadline for university applications I sat down with my tutor to discuss options. I knew I wanted to do fashion, but a had no idea what area. We opened the fashion category and top of the alphabetical list were Contour and Costume. “Contour-bras?” my tutor said. Initially I turned my nose up, but 12 hours later after sleeping on it, I decided it sounded good to me. I hit apply and the rest is history.
If it hadn’t been contour (lingerie) it would have been costume. I get so excited when Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie is used for costumes in vintage and retro period drams, especially excited when its used in such a critically acclaimed one as peaky blinders.
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
Now truthfully, I can’t get a clear still of our 6 Y-strap suspender belt being worn by Linda Shelby as it's featured in an…action shot… but check out Series 4 episode 4 to see more!
Shop our most Peaky Blinders-esq styles here;
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
peaky blinders costume lingerie by Pip & Pantalaimon
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Obsessed with Linda Shelby’s Japanese silk nighty in Peaky Blinders. Can I buy it anywhere please?

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