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In our new feature, ‘spotlight on…’ we’ll be focusing on a different Pip & Pantalaimon lingerie style in each blog post, discussing the details and why it’s designed how it is. 



6 strap roll on girdle and front fastening soft bra


We’ll admit ‘girdle’ is a bit of an ugly and old fashioned word, its got connotations of uncomfortable and restrictive shapewear. But it’s the best way to describe what is essentially a roll on or pull on suspender belt, that fits like a tube around the lower body to create a smooth hourglass silhouette. It features suspender clips to hold the stockings up, which attach closely to the garment, rather than on longer adjustable straps like suspender/garter belts. As the name suggested, its designed to be rolled on, or wiggled into. We find its easiest to carefully line up the front of the girdle with your belly button and gather the sides of the girdle up in your hands much like you would a pair of stockings. Working from the bottom, wiggle in and up until the girdle sits centrally on your waist.


6 strap roll on girdle and front fastening soft bra

Its been available in a wide range of colours in the three years we’ve been making your retro underpinnings, but it’s currently available in 6 colours, with the Navy selling out so fast it will soon be five; Black, White, Vintage Nude, Wine and Red. It’s definitely one of our classic styles that appeals to customers in all corners of the world because of its simple, classic design and smooth line shape. We’re very likely to make this girdle in more fabulous colours as we discover them. This girdle, along with all of our girdles, girdlettes, knickers and suspender belts, is available in a wide size range of UK8-22 (US4-18). Its so important to us that accommodate as many vintage and retro lovers as possible when we design and develop our styles. Hopefully if you’re what the modern fashion industry calls ‘plus size’ you can find plenty here to suit your tastes.

The roll on girdle is made up of two pieces of shapewear powernet fabric, pieced together on a genuine 1950’s industrial sewing machine in our Oxfordshire studio. Each girdle has six suspender clips attached by strap elastic which is carefully sandwiched between the material of the girdle and the finishing elastic. We source of suspender clips from a fantastic company in the EU, they aren’t the cheapest but having walked the aisles of trade show after tradeshow, both in the UK and overseas, we know they’re the very best quality available on the market. (insider secret *for the first few months back in early 2015 we used the same suspender clip supplier as a very well-known luxury lingerie brand, but we found the clips simply weren’t good enough as the rubber grippers could fall out and get lost, so we prioritised finding the best available and its really paid off*)


black 6 strap roll on girdle, made in england


The girdles simplicity accommodates all body shapes because its entirely stretchy and starts on the natural waist and finishes just below the bum, it really lets your body do the talking. The suspender clips sit quite high on the leg, slightly higher than our suspender belts, which means this is a great piece to wear with your stockings under your shorter vintage and retro dresses. It’s a great piece for those just getting into wearing vintage style underpinnings and nylon stockings, as there are no fasteners or fiddly zips and they’re designed simply so that they can be mixed and matched with your existing lingerie.
nude 6 strap roll on girdle, made in england

 “It fit like a dream and was very functional. I want one in every color”-blackdragonstar



While its always temping to optimistically buy clothing a size or two smaller than you usually wear, it is essential, especially if you’ve never worn shapewear lingerie before, to dig out the tape measure and order according the your measurements. Our pieces are all expertly developed and carefully product tested to fit the sizes that we indicate on the size chart. They will sit snugly on your natural waist (narrowest part around waist) and end 13 inches lower. If you order to small, you risk uncomfortable overhang and potentially not being able to pull the girdle on over the hips. If you order a bigger size than you need, its possible the stockings will pull the girdle down and it will slide down your hips. If you’re unsure of your size, check out our size guide at the bottom of our home page or send us an email at


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