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This week we’re talking about another Pip & Pantalaimon classic, the soft bra. Our bra is totally unique because while it’s inspired by vintage underpinnings of the 1940’s and 1950’s, it has some very modern features and clever design twists that you made not has realised.


leopard print bra, made in england, available in plus size


This was the first bra we ever created in 2015 and it’s remained surprisingly unchanged from the original sample ever since. We knew we wanted to create a vintage style bra that all retro loving women could wear everyday. Not just for the die hard 1950’s lovers on photoshoot days. It’s a relatively simple bra in that it has three pattern pieces, each cut as a pair (6 pieces total). That actually meant a lot of fit development to get the pattern spot on replying on just the three pattern pieces for adjustments.


The lower cup is made of a strong specialist shapewear fabric sourced from within the UK, its job is to support the breast and push up slightly towards the middle of the cup, this gives a slight vintage silhouette rather than the more drastic cone shape of vintage bullet bras, we think this makes it the perfect everyday bra to wear under your favourite vintage pieces. The top cup and wing are both made of the same powernet fabric as we use for our suspender belts and girdles, this allows room for the bra to stretch and ensures a good fit. The top cup sits high on the breast bone, exactly as it would in true vintage bras of the 1940s and 1950s.



The most obvious design feature about our classic soft bra is the triangle cut out in the middle. But its more than just a peep hole. Joining the cups at the top of the cut out and joining the underband elastic at the bottom are two metal hooks. They are fully working meaning the bra fastens at both the front and the back. Perfect for any revealing burlesque performance eh!?




Our plain black version was designed to be teamed with the 6 Y-strap classic suspender belt and the classic knicker, but it can also be paired with literally any black piece of lingerie from our shop as they all use the same co-ordinating fabrics and trims.




The bra has been so popular its now available in quite a range of colours; Black, Peacock satin, Oyster satin, Leopard print, Gold sequins and ‘vintage nude’ lace to name a few.  


gold sequin linger, soft bra, y strap garter belt, y strap suspender belt, classic knicker


We’ve been selling a limited size range for a couple of months but we will soon be back to our extended DD+ size range;


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32A 32B 32C 32D 32DD 32E 32F 32G

34A 34B 34C 34D 34DD 34E 34F 34G

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