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sheer black mesh y strap suspender garter belt by pip and pantalaimon




If you’ve been with us a while, you’ll know we love a good Y strap suspender belt. In fact, they were where it all started for us, nearly four years ago. We noticed there was nowhere in the modern market where style conscious vintage aficionados could buy great quality suspender belts with Y straps to keep their stockings up and in place all day. The first belt we made was black with a lace front panel. It sold out within a month and the whole Pip & Pantalaimon brand was born.     


black lace y strap garter suspender belt by pip and pantalaimon



We now offer an extensive range of Y strap belts, as well as plenty of other styles, in a variety of colours. But other than the increased choice, very little has changed over the years for the Y strap belts. They all feature several strong power net panels; a fabric specifically designed for use with shapewear. All the seams are carefully top stitched down to reinforce them, they’re stitched on genuine vintage machinery using some stitches that are no longer available on modern machines.


peacock satin Y strap suspender garter belt by pip and pantalaimon



They all fasten at the back with two rows of hook and eyes for the best personal fit. Most importantly, they feature 6 (at least!) adjustable straps which split at the bottom and hold 2 suspender clips each. The suspender clips are the best quality Europe has to offer, if you haven’t tried them yet, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Inspired by true 1940s and 1950s lingerie, our characteristic Y straps are all made in the UK; including our detachable range.


detachable Y strap suspender garter straps by pip and pantalaimon
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