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Men’s lingerie guide-when shopping for yourselves

Posted by philippa Smith on

We are so pleased to have such a diverse range of customers at Pip & Pantalaimon. We like to think we’re welcoming and helpful to everyone who reaches out to us for advice and we’re proud to be the lingerie brand of choice for so many of you.

In fact, we now get so many enquiries from men buying lingerie for themselves that it’s about time I put together some helpful information to help you all out.


Sizing and style help

The most common questions we’re asked relate to size and style. Generally speaking, men’s bodies tend to be a different shape to women’s. Women usually have a considerably narrower natural waist than full hip. Whereas the difference can be much more slight with men and it’s common for there to be little or no difference in the natural waist (narrowest part around the waist, usually an inch or so above the belly button) and full hip (widest part around bum).

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