Black Mesh Fan Laced Underbust Corset

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Steel boned waist trainer corset with fan lacing 

Fan lacing is designed to make the corset much easier to get on and lace up on your own. Simply loosen the lacing at the back, put the corset on and fasten the busk at the front as normal, then evenly pull the two waist ribbons outwards away from you to simultaneously fasten both sides, top and bottom at the same time! The waist ribbon sliders are designed in such a way that they won’t loosen or unfasten while there is still pressure applied.

Breathable black mesh corset made up of 6 panels on each side (12 total)

Silver steel busk to fasten at the front and silver eyelets supported by 4 flat steel bones to lace at the back

Cinches the waist beautifully to give an hour glass silhouette while supporting the lower back

Waist stay tape and 6 ribbon loops for suspender straps

Front length 24cm / 9.5”

Back Length 26cm / 10”

Optional modesty panel at the back and optional 20mm Y-Strap detachable suspender straps. There should typically be a 2 inch gap between the panels at the back of the corset. Under neither the lacing you can choose to have a modesty panel between the corset and yourself, or not. This is down to personal preference and doesn't alter the fit of the corset. 

Corsets up to a 33" waist use a four buckle busk, corsets 35" and above use a five buckle busk.

These underbust corsets are designed to give a 2 inch gap at the back. When ordering, order to your natural waist measurement. If you have any questions feel free to email us at